Our Mission

What separates Tab HQ from the rest?

In 2021, Tab HQ was founded on the principles of quality, precision, and integrity. Today, Tab HQ's mission is to provide you with a vast selection of cosmetic products and supplements, custom-tailored to your business' needs.

Meet Our Staff

Gordon Kennard

Gordon is the founder of Tab HQ and has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Utah. Few know this, but Gordon is the most skilled forklift operator this side of the Mississippi.

Sena Hansen

Sena has a degree in chemistry from Brigham Young University. Few know this, but Sena's experiences with cosmetics have provided her with the knowledge she uses to perfect our final products.

John Malinka

John is working toward a degree in computer science from Utah Valley University. Few know this, but John's coding experience has enabled him to act as IT specialist and even design this website.

Ashley Batchelor